Psychological Misunderstandings of Women

Psychological Misunderstandings of Women

White-collar women often have many psychological problems, such as poor interpersonal relationships, and their ideas are unrealistic; seeing other women succeed and blindly imitating them, the results are counterproductive; lack of self-confidence; rich, have a house, have a car but no friends,Feeling lonely; because recruiting units mostly require job applicants to be “under 35”, too many white-collar women have a fear of age; wear fancy clothes to seek beauty or express themselves, and lose weight indiscriminately, and imagine themselves to be more beautiful.

In addition, the problems of marriage are also very serious: some unmarried people are afraid of contact with the opposite sex and fear of getting married; married people have problems such as personality and psychological disharmony, disharmony in sexual life, and extramarital affairs.

  If this psychological pressure exceeds the tolerance limit, it may even cause psychological disorders or even mental illness, which will cause physical reactions, such as endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders, breast hyperplasia, and severe cases can cause fatigue syndrome.

Song Guiying believes that the psychological problems are mainly due to the lack of understanding of himself.

White-collar women should understand their strengths, weaknesses and existing problems, change in a timely manner, and if necessary, they can turn to psychological counseling and treatment.

  White-collar women should learn to be tolerant and learn to compromise; put down the shelf, communicate more with others, talk to others; read more books to improve personal cultivation.