Office Yoga, do what you want

Office Yoga, do what you want

Aiming at long-term desks, lack of exercise, mental stress, and prone to backache and other problems, here I will introduce a set of “office yoga” exercises.

  1. Sit-and-breath method ① Sitting on a chair with your legs close together, one hand on your thigh, one hand on your abdomen, lower jaw, straight spine.

  ② Relax the abdomen, inhale through the nose, and forcefully expand the throat and chest, so that the air fills the chest, abdomen, and belly, bulging for 3 seconds.

  ③Relax the lower jaw, exhale, and relax slightly at the same time. The abdomen gradually contracts. The duration of exhalation is 5 seconds. The gas should be exhaled slowly from the nose. Exhale as much as possible, and hold your breath for 2 seconds.

  ④ Repeat the above action 5 times.

  Efficacy: It can eliminate tension and fatigue, relax the mood, when practicing, you should focus on the adjustment of breathing, exhale and breathe evenly. You can imagine some quiet and wide pictures of the sky and the sea in your mind.

  2. Spinal Twist Method ① Stand upright with your legs extended forward, bend your right leg, and place your right foot on the base of your left thigh.

  ② Exhale, turn your upper body to the left, try to reinsert your left arm, extend your right hand forward, and keep holding your right foot.

  ③Turn your head to the right, look away from the right shoulder with both eyes, keep normal and even breathing, restore after 15 seconds, switch left and right to redo once.

  Efficacy: Can eliminate shoulder and neck congestion, make the spine more flexible, so as to prevent neck pain and low back pain, but when the body rotates, pay attention to the order of neck-chest-waist, consciously change from top to bottom, and use preventive liftingThe spine is straight up.