Seven traditional Chinese medicine medicated diets help women ease dysmenorrhea

Seven traditional Chinese medicine medicated diets help women ease dysmenorrhea

Introduction: Six medicated meals of traditional Chinese medicine help women ease dysmenorrhea without problems. Dysmenorrhea refers to the occurrence of pain in the lower abdomen or waist, and even pain in the lumbosacral region during and after menstruation.

Every time it occurs with the menstrual cycle, severe cases can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, cold sweats, cold hands and feet, and even fainting, which affects work and life.

However, the following medicated diets that can relieve dysmenorrhea are introduced in Chinese medicine, and there is always a convenience for you.

  1. Xuanhu and Leonurus boiled eggs 20 grams, Leonurus 50 grams, 2 eggs.

Add the above 3 flavors and cook with water. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells and put them back into the pot and cook for about 20 minutes. Then you can drink soup and eat eggs.

  Efficacy: With menstrual flow, analgesic, menstrual blood, pleasing color, moisturizing beauty.

 2, 60 grams of black beans (black beans), black beans, rice wine or rice wine 100 ml.

Boil black beans and eggs with water.

  Efficacy: It has the functions of regulating the middle, lowering the breath, and analgesic.

It is suitable for women with weak dysmenorrhea of qi and blood, and has a moisturizing effect.

  3. Ginger, Ai-Yinren porridge, dried ginger, 10 grams of artemisia leaves, 30 grams of barley kernels.

Fry the first two flavors of water to extract the juice, cook the coix kernels to eight maturity, and cook with the medicinal sauce until cooked.

  Efficacy: With warming, removing blood stasis, dispersing cold, dehumidifying and moisturizing.

For cold and damp stagnation dysmenorrhea.

  4, Hawthorn wine Hawthorn 300 grams, 500 ml of low-grade liquor.

Dry clean the hawthorn, denucleate, chop, and add a large bottle with a stopper, add white wine, stopper the bottle, and soak it for 7-10 days.

15 ml each time.

Shake 1-2 times daily during soaking.

  Efficacy: Spleen strengthening, menstruation effect.

Apply to women’s dysmenorrhea, and gradually promote body and skin bodybuilding.

  5, hawthorn sunflower seed brown sugar soup hawthorn, sunflower seed kernels 50 grams each, brown sugar 100 grams.

Put the above ingredients together in a pot and add an appropriate amount of water to fry or stew, remove the residue and take the soup.

  Efficacy: with Buzhong Yiqi, Jianpi Yiwei, and blood Yue color.

Suitable for dysmenorrhea with deficiency of both qi and blood.

This soup should be blended 3-5 days before menstrual cramps for better pain relief and better cosmetic results.

 6, rose tea in summer and autumn, pick rose flowers, with purple-red semi-open flower buds, without loose petals, the fragrance is best.

Add it as a tea and add it daily.

  Efficacy: It has the effects of refreshing qi, activating blood, and moisturizing.

Suitable for irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

  7, safflower wine safflower 200 grams, 1000 ml of low-alcohol wine, brown sugar amount.

Wash the safflower, dry the surface moisture, and fill the clean gauze bag with brown sugar. Seal the bag mouth, put it in the jar, seal it, and soak it for 7 days.

Usage: 1-2 times a day, 20-30 ml per serving.