Optimism will be happy


Optimism will be happy

Sometimes I always feel that I am unfortunate: I was born in the old society, grew up in New China, was born in the countryside and was not born in the city; that terrible family origin made me carry the “black bag” for decades; “Old three students”When the university took a decade of “Cultural Revolution”, the official career climbed up and hit “one size fits all”. I wanted to do more for the party, do some work for the people, and be arranged to retreat to the second line. Not long ago, I accompanied several friends in the provincial capital to Anfu.Wugongshan, a mountainous township, took advantage of the wind, and met my old schoolmate who had spent more than a year in junior high school.

His family made me surprised: his wife was lying in bed 10 years ago because of cerebral hemorrhage. His son could not stand upright because of polio, his daughter went out to work and married his hometown. He also cut his left leg in a car accident two years ago.It is not difficult to imagine that such a troubled family, for the head of the family, his pressure and difficulties can be imagined.

銆€銆€However, this old classmate in front of me, with a cane, is awkward.

He smiled and introduced me to his family: After his wife took some herbs, he can now take care of himself; his son has become a well-known village doctor and has his own clinic through self-study; he has a doormanship skill.Surpassed the cooking of several villages and gave him a bag.

The following paragraph of his words touched me even more: “When my wife was in the hospital, I thought she would let go; I thought I would lose my legs after a car accident. After my son suffered from polio, I thought he would become a burden to the society. Now, his wife is still alive, and life can basically take care of himself; the son does not even become a burden, and can contribute to the community for the folks; I also have a healthy right leg, and can earn a lot for the family.income.

“In the words, he showed a happy smile of contentment.

銆€銆€”Fire can’t be extinguished.”

That day, in the old classmate’s home, I understood a truth: a person’s life is like a fire, it is the fire of faith, the fire of ideals, the fire of pursuit, the fire of self-confidence.

The endless fire, as long as it is burning, life will be full of passion, there will be color, beauty, it will be sunny.

銆€銆€The old classmate gave me a lesson and made me a lot easier.

Ba Jin once had such a famous saying: “Mental happiness is the best tonic for human beings.

As long as the spirit does not slip, the approach is always more difficult.

It is not terrible, but the horrible thing is the absurdity of the soul and the fall of personality.

In the face of fate, we must live strong and look for happiness in life, believe in the future, and be optimistic.

Crossing the past, the front is a bright light.