How to make rice well nourished


How to make rice well nourished

Everyone who cooks rice will do it: get some rice, add some water, and turn on the rice cooker switch, just wait for the table.

But you know that you have to make this rice good for nutrition and good taste, but it is a bit of a doorway.

銆€銆€Rice contains a variety of nutrients such as B vitamins, minerals, pollutant fibers, etc., but in the process of panning, it is easy to increase the loss of nutrients due to improper methods.

Therefore, in order to better ensure the nutrition of rice, at least pay attention to the following four points.

銆€銆€First, Taomi should choose cold water instead of warm water.

Because the water temperature is high, the solubility of each substance will increase, which will directly lead to an increase in nutrient loss.

Second, the number of rice is 2-3 times.

The original intention of Taomi is to wash away the dust replaced by rice. There is no need to wash it repeatedly, otherwise it will only lead to nutrient loss.

The disposable rice can be safely placed directly under the pan.

Third, don’t step on the slap, just turn it around.

In the outermost layer of rice grains, there is a layer of paste-like powder, which contains B vitamins, minerals and supplementary fiber. For example, when washing rice, it is washed hard, instead of the layer of aleurone, it loses nutrition.

Fourth, do not rinse with running water.

Running water will only take away nutrition and will not double the cleansing effect.

銆€銆€Mi Tao is good, then the next pot.

Rice cooker is the best tool for making rice. It has better airtightness, can repeat excessive oxidation reaction, and replace it with time, so that nutrient loss can be compensated.

Need to be reminded that if you like to eat rice (first boiled rice and then steamed rice), you must make good use of rice soup, because nearly 50% of the minerals, vitamins will be boiled into rice soup.

Although rice is easy to lose nutrition, it is suitable for fried rice.

Because the rice distilled in this way is scattered, after being fried, it will not be sticky and taste better.

In addition, Wu Meiyun pointed out that before the rice pot, you can soak it with warm water, and the meal will be more soft.

銆€銆€Cooking is also inevitable to lose the hand, in case the whole folder is born, you can use the chopsticks to tie some holes in the rice to the bottom of the pot, and then warm the water to re-twist; if it is a partial pinch, add water and then pour after the puncture hole;It is a surface sandwich, which can be turned down to the middle and then smashed.