The scientific principle of Taijiquan fitness and health


The scientific principle of Taijiquan fitness and health

The basic principle of Taijiquan: Taijiquan is one of the major categories of Chinese martial arts. It originated in the Ming Dynasty and has five major sects, namely Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun, and Wu.

First, it was passed from Chen style to Yang style. Later, it was derived from Wu Sunwu and other genres, as well as Wudang Taiji Sanfeng Taiji. Now it has developed into Taiji sword, Taiji knife, Taiji fan, Taiji stick, Taiji stick, Taiji ball, Taiji whisk, etc.
Taiji is a kind of inner boxing. The fundamental difference between it and the foreign boxing is that it is mainly for defense, for prevention and attack, for gentle and gentle movements, for softness and softness, with soft steel, yin and yang, and between reality and reality, as a fitness exercise for the elderly.The most suitable, can be deep and shallow, easy to understand and easy to learn, step by step, from shallow to deep, more and more benefits.

The science and fun of Taijiquan: Taijiquan requires the combination of meaning, qi and form. The so-called meaning includes the idea, the artistic conception, the meaning, the interest, that is, there is a rich imagination space, and the gas contains the strength, the charm, the breath, the qi and blood.

The internal organs of the body and the blood vessels can be conditioned.

The shape includes form, shape and so on, all of which have artistic expression.

Taijiquan’s routines, moves in the movement to be in the middle of the body, the heart is quiet, the yin and yang are combined, the virtual and the real, the soft and soft, like the flowing water, can make the body from inside to outside, from the trunk to the limbs, from brain thinking to blood circulation,You can get adequate conditioning and exercise to play a healthy role.

Taijiquan’s action design is extremely reasonable, very scientific, high and low, large and small, there are round and round, high-intensity, one foot independent, the other three limbs, divided over the head, showing high style, such asThe eagle spreads its wings, and it is unstoppable; when the low movement is low, it is almost close to the ground, such as the Fuhu Youlong, which is very accurate; when the high and low movements are switched, the alternating of the flat and vertical movements is very smooth and convenient, meaningful and easy to feel comfortable.

After establishing a complete action, you can be unspeakable.

Some people call Tai Chi Chuan a quiet poem, a flowing painting, a moving music, and an activity sculpture. This is what the author thinks is appropriate, because the movement of Tai Chi has both the elements of drama and the elements of dance.The artistic conception of the poem.

The operation of the complete movement, such as the flow of water, has the grace of the beautiful world, the calm of the night, giving the impression of painting.

The rhythm of Tai Chi Chuan, like the melody of music, can sway your heartstrings, inspire your emotions, and reach the realm of peace of mind.

The style of each stroke is like the same sculpture, which is really beautiful.

Taijiquan’s entertainment function and fitness function: There is a literature report that a scholar in the United States has done a study, the same age, the same gender, the same physical signs, the same physiological indicators, split two ways to exercise, one with fitness equipment, anotherOne is to play Tai Chi, three months later, to detect the physiological indicators of the body, the Tai Chi group is implanted in the fitness equipment group.

China’s Taijiquan yin and yang are combined, and the reality is true and false, which makes people feel peaceful and can best represent Chinese culture. Therefore, the Taiji performance we saw at the opening ceremony is indeed amazing.

People who practice Taijiquan are called boxing friends, common language, common hobbies, common emotions, gathering together, talking and laughing, exchange of ideas, communication ideas, mutual appeals, and the sky is wide and the sky is full of everything.It’s so boring and full of messages that it’s so good and good.

What is immortality, what is the cultivation of immortality, the immortal is a realm of people’s imagination, he should have the broad mind of accommodating hundreds of rivers and the noble moral sentiments as the sea, and the extraordinary and refined, what is the way to realize the philosophy of life,It is also a good thing to give up to the ultimate goal of your own.

Usually learning Tai Chi, practicing Tai Chi, proficient in Tai Chi, persistent pursuit, perseverance, training to be handy, to achieve the goal of physical fitness, longevity, joy of life, it is close to the realm of success.

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