Look at men’s health tips in six major countries

Look at men’s health tips in six major countries

Introduction: Nowadays, work stress and unhealthy lifestyles have become the norm for many men.

We all know that healthy eating habits are the constant secret of health.

We want to stay in shape, reduce stress or live longer, and we can all harvest a lot from the man’s training in different countries.

Let ‘s take a look at men ‘s health regimens in six major countries in the world.

China-Tea Ceremony Health TCM culture in China has a long history. “Tea Ceremony Health” has become a Chinese thinking concept for health.

Many of the dishes in Chinese recipes have their own unique health elements. Most of them are home to the well-known tea culture. Tea itself is rich in a lot of beneficial ingredients, and the tea polyphenols can eliminate it.It inhibits impurities, sterilizes, and inhibits human viruses. It contains 25 amino acids and is the basic material for human cells and repair tissues.

As Su Shi, a poet in the Song Dynasty, said, “Why should Emperor Wei di take a pill and do the same with seven bowls of tea.

“In the beginning, tea was often better than medicine.

France-the simpler the better The French are famous for their love of red wine and food, but apart from their generally longer lifespan and extremely low percentage of heart diseases than other European countries, what secrets do the French have?

French people drink a lot of water every day, and they guarantee at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of daily hiking activities such as walking, dog walking, etc. They also like to climb stairs.

The French motto of health is that the simpler the better, the methodical eating according to the movement of the seasons, the obvious quality and not the quantity.

Italy — a good work-life balance point The Italian government stipulates that 42 days of vacation are allowed in a year. It is definitely a luxury to quote the Chinese 10 days.

Because of those long and adequate rest periods, the life expectancy of Italian men has reached 83 years.

When a person feels stressed, the body will automatically produce stress hormones like cortisol, which will consume a lot of your mental and physical energy to reduce this fatigue, and will affect your later life and work status. It also requires a lot ofTime to recharge the battery to full energy.

Mexico-The key to getting enough sleep When men reach middle age, only 9% have good sleep.

Sleep is the most important thing to improve the quality of life. An accidental but high-quality snoring can provide you with 2 more cups of strong black coffee, which can make you more energy, but its effect can be longer than black coffee. Relatively,The mental stress is also much weaker.

The Mexicans said, “It only takes 20 minutes to give your body a moment of tranquility, and also to give yourself a chance to close your eyes and raise your mind, which will greatly adjust your body and recuperate.

“Recent research has also shown that snoring three times a week will reduce the incidence of hypertension by 37%.

Sweden-Severe “crab crab” Only 26% of Swedish men are overweight because of starch crabs.

This is a favorite dish of Swedes. Swedes have been loyal fans of crabs since ancient times. They also love poached potatoes and brown bread, such as rye and rye bread.

Studies show that these foods are rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are fiber, energy, and vitamin B. These are the most important sources to help maintain healthy skin and hair.

It is not difficult to understand why Swedish men have the healthiest body in Europe.

Japan-Just love sushi. The Japanese diet recipe is nothing more than fish, vegetables and tofu. In fact, this is also an important reason why the average life expectancy of Japanese men is 85.

5 years old.

Sushi, as one of the most famous reveries in Japan, has no doubt about its health. It has various nutrients required by the human body, and unfortunately it has very little content.

Besides, the tofu that Japanese people like very much contains unique phytochemicals that can effectively protect the heart and prevent cancer, and the acidic omega-3 oil contained in fish meat can keep the brain and heart healthy.