Eye makeup?

Beware of cataracts

Eye makeup?
Beware of cataracts

The eyes are the windows of the soul.

Women’s eyes are the secret spy of the inner emotions in the body, always showing their affection in the circulation of the eye waves.

Therefore, in today’s era of pursuing beauty by all means and devoting every effort to creating beauty, more and more women choose to do eye beauty.

  There is nothing wrong with beauty, but it is an indisputable fact that eye diseases caused by the use of cosmetics and eye beauty are increasing.

For example, a lady named Liu felt that the big bags under her eyelids looked like a pair of seals, engraved with the passage of time.

  In order to return to her young self, she asked a doctor to perform an eyelid correction operation.

Unfortunately, the lower eyelids on both sides of the retina are severely valgus, and the red conjunctiva is exposed in front of the eyes, which is very scary.

  In the wind and cold, tears shed like tears. Later, I also suffered from chronic conjunctivitis and keratitis. I had to apply a layer of ointment, and even dare not show it at home. According to ophthalmologists, there are currently 4The incidence of eye diseases remains high, and they are all related to the irritation of the eyes by cosmetics.

  Conjunctivitis cosmetics are seldom inattentive during use, and dust particles will fall into the eyes, which may cause eye inflammation, swelling, pain, photophobia and tears, and it is also very likely to cause allergic conjunctivitis.

  Corneal Burn Perm is a highly alkaline cosmetic used for perming.

In use, if the cold wave essence is splashed into the eyes slightly, the cornea is slightly twisted and burned. In severe cases, eyeball atrophy, corneal turbidity, and even eye diseases such as cataracts may occur.

  Conjunctival staining should not be careless when using some colored cosmetics, such as blusher, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, perfume, etc., you should take extra care.

These cosmetics must not be allowed to get into the eyes, otherwise it is very possible to dye the conjunctiva which is already very good to yellow or have pigmentation.

After that, remind the ladies of Aimei to pay attention to product quality and use methods when replacing cosmetics; carefully choose a distance hospital when doing eye beauty.

At the same time, it is necessary to go to the hospital as soon as possible after the occurrence of eye disease.

  Corneal ringworm disease Some foreign scholars have confirmed by sampling survey that Fusarium solani contamination is often found in eyelashes.

Before using a new eyelash pencil, its pollution rate was only 1.

About 5%, and the pollution rate will rise sharply to about 60% during use.

This Fusarium solanacearum can easily cause people’s keratosis, and severely polluted people can cause blindness in both eyes.

  In addition, the following methods can usually be used to care for the eyes: Eye massage is similar to sitting or supine, and the eyes are naturally closed.

Then massage the acupuncture points around the eyes in order.

Accurate point selection is required, and the method is gentle, with local soreness as the degree.


Rubbing Tianying Acupoint: Use your hands and thumbs to gently rub Tianying Acupoint (below the eyebrow and the outer corner of the eye socket).


Squeeze the eye-opening point: Use the thumb of one hand to gently press the eye-opening point (the root of the nose is close to the inner condyle of the two eyes), press down first, and then squeeze upward.


Press the temples and round the eye sockets: insert your fingers into the temples (the middle of the eyebrows and the outer corners of the eyes), and then use the flexed index finger to gently scrape the orbits around the inner side of the second section, from inside to outside-Outside down-inside down, make the bamboo waist around the eye socket, silk bamboo empty, few pupils, after the ball, Cheng Cing and other points are massaged.

It is good for false myopia or prevention of deepening myopia.

  Do you feel strange that finger movements have a relationship between human hands and eyes?

It’s not surprising at all.

Our body has 12 meridians, 6 of which pass through the hands. If we insist on finger movement, the acupoints of these meridians will have massage stimulation.

  In case of eye problems, it is recommended that you continue to do the little finger bending in the morning and evening each day, and then pull the flexion and extension exercise backwards, 30-50 times each time, and rub the thumb and index finger at the base of the little finger 50-50Second, this method has a good effect on retinopathy.