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Psychological Misunderstandings of Women

Psychological Misunderstandings of Women White-collar women often have many psychological problems, such as poor interpersonal relationships, and their ideas are unrealistic; seeing other women succeed and blindly imitating them, the results are counterproductive; lack of self-confidence; rich, have a house, have a car but no friends,Feeling lonely; because recruiting units mostly require job applicants to […]

Four dangerous periods of marriage

Four dangerous periods of marriage The first dangerous period: when the child is born, the pressure of the couple suddenly increases, the original playfulness and entertainment are greatly reduced, and the quality of sexual life is reduced. The “triangular” relationship produced by the arrival of the child changed the original “two-person world”, and the couple […]

Smell the child’s tone every morning

Smell the child’s tone every morning [Introduction]Every morning when the child gets up, smell the breath first. If the bad breath is a sign of food accumulation on the highway, then breakfast will be relatively lighter. The high protein diet such as meat, milk and eggs will be reduced.Drink porridge.   Want to know your child’s […]

Medicinal diet makes healthy women

Medicinal diet makes healthy women Composition of black-bone chicken Guihuang: 1 black-bone chicken, 10 grams each of angelica, astragalus and Poria.   Usage: Wash the chicken, remove the dirt and impurities, add the medicine to the chicken and replace it with the thread, put it in a casserole, cook it, remove the residue, add condiments, eat […]

New marriages are more virtual than illness

New marriages are more “virtual” than illness 新婚多虚不是病  首先婚前应注意调补阴阳,补肾益精,养精蓄锐,婚后又能注意节欲,懂得少许房事禁忌,如饮酒饱食、劳损过度、愤怒恐嗔、自汗盗汗, The moon is not clean, the trauma is not healed, and peeing is not suitable to intersect, then the falsehood of the wedding can be avoided.   Secondly, it is advisable to supplement food. Chinese medicine believes that kidney deficiency should be distinguished from kidney deficiency or kidney […]

Cyber autism

Cyber autism The boredom of the Internet is stepped, and this trend is becoming increasingly apparent. At first I bid farewell to the chat room and left the BBS cold. Unless I needed to work without visiting the mailbox at all, I only updated the blog once in a while. Even on QQ, I only […]