Healing the liver and protecting the liver, try the word 嘘

Healing the liver and protecting the liver, try the word “鍢?

Lead: Chinese medicine’s “鍢? character is one of the important methods of protecting the liver.
The practice method of “鍢? is as follows: 1. Standing face to face, the feet are naturally separated, shoulder width, knees slightly flexed, head straight neck, chest abdomen, straight waist pull back.
The two arms are naturally drooping, two hollows, elbows slightly bent, and the palms of the hands are lightly on the outside of the thighs.
Relax your body, open your eyes and look straight ahead.
If you are old or weak or unable to stand up because of illness, you can change your seat.
2, using abdominal breathing.
When exhaling, the abdomen and levator are lifted. The weight of the person moves slightly backwards, the heel is forced, and the toes are slightly pointed. When inhaling, the lips are lightly combined, the tongue is pressed against the upper jaw, and the abdomen is raised.
Breathe naturally and evenly, inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth.
3, stand to relax, after the breathing is smooth, the two hands slowly lifted up (palm up), after the waist on the shoulder, over the top of the head, the hands overlap, the right palm is covered on the left palm, palms inward, gently pressed behind the head,The head slowly turns to the right side, slightly tilted up to the upper right, and the upper body turns slightly to the right.
Slowly inhale during the transshipment process, wait until it is turned to the right, the head is set, the two eyes roar, forcefully exhale, and at the same time emit a “鍢? sound.
4, “鍢? Bi, head slowly turned to the left, slightly upwards up, the upper body will turn slightly to the left, slowly inhaling during the rotation, to be turned to the left, head tilted, two eyes roar,Exhale hard and make a “鍢? sound.
Repeated three times in this way, suffocating six times.
After that, the two hands were removed to the sides, slowly lowered, naturally drooping, and the palms of the hands leaned against the outside of the thighs.
5, after the squat, adjust to normal breathing, but should still insist on nasal vomiting, calming the mood, calming and thinking, the two eyes are slightly closed, the lips are light, the tongue is on the upper jaw, the upper and lower teeth are gently smashed 36Times.
In the process of sniping, the mouth is in the mouth, violently swallowing, and sent to the abdomen Dantian with the idea.
The purpose of adjusting interest after suffocating is to nourish the body and promote growth.
Experts suggest that the 鍢?character should be practiced every morning and evening, preferably every day.
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