Winter room temperature changes frequently


Winter room temperature changes frequently

Keeping out the wind and sheltering from the rain, warming up is the original function of the house.

People spend most of their time in the living room. In fact, the living room climate is the most artificial climate with human health.

With the continuous improvement of people’s material living standards, various electrical products that regulate the climate of the living room (such as air conditioners, humidifiers, etc.) have increasingly entered the homes of ordinary people, and the climate of the living rooms has become more and more comfortable.The law of infinite natural climate.

But with natural climate indicators, the room climate can only be regarded as a kind of 鈥渕icroclimate鈥?

Many activities of human beings must also be carried out in a natural climate, and the entry and exit of the living room is actually only a different 鈥渃limate zone鈥? The human body often cannot fully adapt to such 鈥渃limate change鈥? so various kinds ofThe room variable, “air conditioning disease” is an example.

銆€銆€How can we improve people’s ability to adapt to environmental changes and avoid modern room replacement?

銆€銆€Medical meteorologists have come up with a more effective method through experiments, and then maintain a “meteorological change” in the living room, and “mutate” should be “mutated” to exercise the ability of people to resist “change”.

In fact, people who live or work in an environment with changing weather conditions (such as workers who often go into high-temperature workshops or cold stores) are less likely to have a cold than those who work in a normal environment.

People who stay in air-conditioned rooms and heated rooms for a long time have a large chance of catching a cold.

Russian medical experts have adopted a method of changing the 鈥渕icroclimate鈥? It took three years to reduce the 鈥渃old rate鈥?of students attending the 19th Accommodation School in Moscow to zero.

銆€銆€Among the many types of “meteorological changes”, temperature changes have the greatest impact on human health.

By constantly adjusting the temperature of the living room, the physiological temperature regulation mechanism of the human being can be constantly in a “tension state”, and the physiological adjustment ability can gradually adapt to the sharp change of the temperature, thereby improving the self-protection ability of the human body, and not causing frequent colds or other living rooms.resulting in.

Of course, just beginning this anti-“change” exercise, the room temperature change should be controlled at 3-5 掳 C, after half a month, the amplitude can be gradually increased to 6-10 掳 C.

Don’t change the temperature too suddenly, but increase or decrease it smoothly.

There are two main methods for adjusting the room: one is tool adjustment, the main adjustment tools are air conditioning, duct heating, heaters, humidifiers, etc.; the second is natural adjustment (so-called “air bath”), through opening and closing doors and windows,Allow the roof air and sunlight to adjust the temperature in the room.

In fact, while changing the temperature, it is often accompanied by changes in humidity, sunlight and air flow (wind). These “microclimate” changes are bound to dissolve in health.

銆€銆€Nowadays in winter, the most common way to change the temperature of the room is to adjust the heating source (such as “adjust the temperature of the air conditioning control”, “turn on the heating pipe of the heater”, etc.).

If it is really difficult to adjust the room temperature, you can change the way.

Because the living room is fixed, but the person is active, in consideration of the alternation of the ability to withstand, you can often enter and enter the environment with different temperatures, and the fitness effect is equal to the temperature change of the living room.