5 gold health theory moxibustion therapy to make you healthy and healthy


5 gold health theory moxibustion therapy to make you healthy and healthy

The five gold health theories of moxibustion therapy are made of moxa as the main material, and the moxibustion is used to smear or smear the body.

Moxibustion therapy is a brilliant pearl in the treasure house of Chinese medicine.

“One needle, two moxibustion and three medications” occupy a pivotal part in traditional medicine.

So what is the role of moxibustion?

1, Wentong meridians, dispel the cold evil and soft and warm, strong penetration, can warm the cold, to attack the evil.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the normal life activities of the human body depend on the role of qi and blood. The lack of blood and blood is prone to aging and illness.

Then the qi and blood have two characteristics of “when the temperature is met, and the cold is condensed”.

Most of today’s society loves beauty. In the dress, I love to wear the navel. In the spring and autumn, I am easy to make the evil of the cold invade Dantian. I like to blow air conditioners in summer, and I like to eat frozen food, so that most women form a cold body and appear.Sub-health conditions such as chills and colds, dysmenorrhea, and spleen and stomach weakness.

The warm moxibustion therapy is to use the fire stimulation of the acupoints of the meridians to make the blood run, and to attack the evil.

It has the effects of phlegm and cold, phlegm and stasis, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, and promotes cell regeneration, thus achieving the effects of health care, health and beauty.

2, qi and activating blood, dissipating the scattered medicine used in warm moxibustion therapy, has the characteristics of aromatic walking, the warmth and special odor emitted by burning, can quickly open the body’s meridians, accelerate the body’s blood circulation.
3, Wenbu Yiqi, Huiyang solid warm moxibustion therapy to replenish and strengthen the body, can stimulate the body’s immune system function, promote metabolism, strong internal and external.

Warm moxibustion therapy has a special pure yang character, which can make people yang qi, full of blood, solid body, enhance the function of human digestion, circulation, excretion, genitourinary system function.

Muscle numbness caused by high blood pressure and obesity, limbs are not paralyzed, the second is uneven, the waist and legs are sore, the movement is short, and the body is tired and tired. As the “Nei Jing” said, “the righteous memory, the evil can not be done, the evil is made up,Its qi will be empty.”

4, prevent disease, health, strong body, often moxibustion Zusanli, Guanyuan, Dazhui and other points, can stimulate the body’s righteousness, improve disease resistance, improve health and physical fitness.

Therapy can be a fitness, disease prevention, and treatment, in the past several years of history.

As early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, people have begun to use moxibustion widely. For example, in “Zhuangzi”, there is “the more people smoked with Ai”, and “Mengzi” also has the record of “seven years of illness and three years of love”.

Historical writings are more common.

Moxibustion can stimulate, improve the body’s immune function, and enhance the body’s disease resistance.

There are several commonly used self-care moxibustion methods, which are quick and easy to operate, and relatively free of drug harm. Readers may wish to give it a try.

5, moxibustion beauty moxibustion beauty and general beauty, surgery beauty is two different concepts, one is essential, the other is superficial.

Cosmetics can hide your deficiencies, surgery can transform your structure, can satisfy your temporary vanity, but these can not give you real health.

Because of your health, you are young, radiant, quick-thinking, and responsive. It is another beauty at different levels.

By taking medicine, getting an injection or exercising, you may also be able to achieve your desired effect more or less.

But no moxibustion is good. Moxibustion is the most effective means of dispelling fatigue, restoring vitality, replenishing physical fitness and balancing yin and yang.

There are many women whose faces are not smooth and clean, which is often caused by the fact that they are actually lacking in yang, rather than getting angry as usual.