It is necessary for the judicial person to look at his tongue every day

It is necessary for the judicial person to look at his tongue every day

When looking at Chinese medicine, tongue diagnosis is an important part of the four consultations in Wangwenwenqin. For patients with cardiovascular disease, the tongue is more important, because Chinese medicine speaks the tongue as the seedling of the heart, the tongue is the external manifestation of the heart,Patients are advised to look around their tongues daily.

  Professor Wang Qinghai, deputy director of Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that when looking at the tongue, focus on the quality of the tongue and fur.

Normal tongue texture (also known as tongue body) should be light red, without smuts, stains, and tooth marks.

If the tongue is dark, or there are spots or spots, the blood vessels are not running smoothly.

  If you can often observe the tongue yourself, you can grind the changes in the quality of the tongue and find that the quality of the tongue is not good, especially if there are no previous silt spots and scum spots. It must be vigilant, which often indicates that the cardiovascular disease is getting worse.

For normal people, these abnormalities of the tongue quality may indicate diseases such as coronary heart disease, and they should go to the hospital for cardiovascular examination in time.

  Tongue coating is also the tongue image that patients should focus on.

  Normal tongue coating should be thin, white and moist.

If the tongue is sparse, dry, or even shiny without moss, it means that there is yin deficiency or yin deficiency, which often makes people sleepless and irritable at night. If the tongue is thick, it means that there is insufficient yang in the chest and phlegm., Wet weight, often makes people feel chest tightness, chest pain.

These abnormal conditions will directly or indirectly affect cardiovascular health and aggravate the patient’s condition.

  Because “the heart opens up in the tongue”, Professor Wang Qinghai said that regular activities of the tongue are very beneficial to promote cardiovascular health. When it’s okay, you can do the tongue extension or move the tongue back and forth in the mouth, and thenJin fluid is swallowed, because Jin fluid is also called “Jinjin Yuye” in traditional Chinese medicine. It is very supportive. It can not only enhance the function of the spleen and stomach, but also strengthen the body.

  Professor Wang Qinghai also recommends that patients with cardiovascular disease can often practice “tongue resistance on the palate,” the method is simple: naturally use the tongue to resist the palate, hold for 3 minutes, overcome the distractions, and then slowly swallow the produced fluid.

This kind of practice often makes people calm, incorporates the function of nourishing and calming the soul, and is very beneficial to the recovery of cardiovascular disease.