Eye makeup?

Beware of cataracts Eye makeup? Beware of cataracts The eyes are the windows of the soul. Women’s eyes are the secret spy of the inner emotions in the body, always showing their affection in the circulation of the eye waves. Therefore, in today’s era of pursuing beauty by all means and devoting every effort to […]

Cyber autism

Cyber autism The boredom of the Internet is stepped, and this trend is becoming increasingly apparent. At first I bid farewell to the chat room and left the BBS cold. Unless I needed to work without visiting the mailbox at all, I only updated the blog once in a while. Even on QQ, I only […]

How to eat soybean healthier?

How to eat soybean healthier? 25 years old, 65 years old body? Osteoporosis, skin aging? Modern people are becoming more and more busy, more and more stressed, and the requirements for healthy eating are getting higher and higher. Some people eat vegetarian food, some people eat whole grains, and some people start taking various nutrients […]