Middle-aged woman can exercise 5 years younger

Middle-aged woman can exercise 5 years younger

I have been a sports enthusiast since I was a kid. As long as I have access to sports, I can reach the best level standards. I can play basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and other ball sports; long distance, sprint, relay, hurdleTrack and field events such as high jump and long jump, as well as swimming and even throwing such unpopular sports, I can get a good position in a certain level of events.

Sports are nothing new or mysterious to me.

  In the past few years, I was desperate to start a business, and I made myself an excuse for being too busy. In addition, I have been exercising since I was a child. I don’t care about the consequences of not exercising, and I don’t exercise much when I am busy.

1995 was a period of extreme physical overdraft and exhaustion in my physiology, prolonging extreme fatigue and irritability, and the heart that caused competition and enthusiasm was still impulsive, so I was working hard.

Sometimes I was sitting on the couch with my eyes straight, I didn’t want to do anything, and my temperament became rude and irritable.

  After that, I went to the United States to study.

I started a whole new life in the United States.

Every day, in the bright sunshine of California, I walked into the University of California carrying my schoolbag, breathing the fresh and clean air in the morning.

I have time to exercise again. Every night I insist on swimming in the apartment’s swimming pool. I calmly count the stars in the sky. I feel the benign transformation of my body day by day. My health and happiness return to my body again.With vitality and enthusiasm for work, I decided to return to China to start a new round of entrepreneurship.

Exercise has brought me back to health and restored my freshness and enthusiasm for life, but I still haven’t linked exercise to delaying aging.

After returning to China, I fell into all kinds of affairs again, and stopped exercising. I also comforted myself when I was not strong.

  During the new round of business, a friend kept talking to me about tennis. I also made a few strokes in her forced play, but there was no motivation to persist.

Five years later, my friend has become a tennis player. Then I suddenly realized that she was getting younger, more cheerful and more energetic.

As a professional beauty person, I had to re-examine the impact of sports on people, so I carefully observed my group of 40?
A 50-year-old friend, I found a common phenomenon: people who insist on sports, love sports, and consciously exercise look younger than those who don’t. 5?
10 years old.

This difference may not be obvious at a young age, but by 40?
The 50-year-old age group stands out.

  If these sports-loving people know more about some modifications and some maintenance, they will look younger.

This is true for those who have a long history of sports habits. Even those who have joined the sports team halfway, the gains are also subsidiary.

It seems that exercise can delay aging and is a preservative of life charm.

I was stimulated and started to exercise again.

I believe I won’t give up this time anymore, because anti-aging is more urgent than overfitness to overcome the temptation and motivation of middle-aged women.